All About... Pirates

All About... Pirates

6 Episodes

Join Steve: the piratical puppet presenter for this magazine style factual series about pirates of the Golden Age of Piracy. Six programmes that explore these fascinating, if grizzly baddies. Learn about famous pirates, what their life on board ship was like, the rules they lived by, the weapons they used and find out if they really wore eyepatches, kept parrots and buried their treasure.

All About Pirates presents accurate information on pirates, suitable for Year Two and up.

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All About... Pirates
  • All About Pirates: Episode One

    Episode 1

    In this episode, we learn about:
    -Who was who on a ship
    -How pirates voted on important things, and how they were paid
    -Blackbeard and the other most infamous pirates
    -Jolly Rogers: the pirates' most effective weapon
    -Mythbusting Pirate boots and hats with the Historian.

  • All About Pirates: Episode Two

    Episode 2

    In this episode we learn about:
    - Pirate Ships, and how they worked
    - Henry Avery, Richard Taylor, Black Bart Roberts and the other most successful pirates
    - Rules pirates had to follow for their weapons
    - The cutlass: the classic pirate sword, and some of the swords pirates only use in Hollywood...

  • All About Pirates: Episode Three

    Episode 3

    In this episode, we learn about:
    - Pirate Havens, and where pirates operated when not sailing
    - Rules about not gambling on ships
    - Stede Bonnet, Calico Jack Rackham and the least successful pirates
    - Muskets and pistols: what they work and how pirates used them
    - Mythbusting: did pirates have pa...

  • All About Pirates: Episode Four

    Episode 4

    In this episode we learn about:
    - What pirates ate while on board
    - Rules about and the punishments for stealing from other pirates
    - Women pirates: who they were and what they did
    - Cannons: how they work and how pirates used them
    - Mythbusting: did pirates wear earrings?

  • All About Pirates: Episode Five

    Episode 5

    In this episode we learn about:
    - Hammocks and how pirates slept on board ship
    - Night time rules pirates followed about lights and candles
    - Pirates from other countries
    - Grenades and axes as weapons
    - Mythbusting: did pirates wear eyepatches?

  • All About Pirates: Episode Six

    Episode 6

    In this episode, we learn about:
    - The hazards on board a ship and how pirates dealt with crew injuries
    - If any pirates got away with it
    - Boarding pikes and other improvised weapons
    - Mythbusting: did pirates have peg legs and hooks?