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Story Chest: Maya Myths

The Discovery of Corn


Up Next in Series One

  • The Legend of Xtabay

    We hear the Legend of Xtabay: a ghostly figure that haunts the Yucatan forests. The Professor explains how this myth dares to be different when it comes to beauty and being a good person.

  • Legend of the Hero Twins

    The Twins of Maya Legend visit the Underworld to play a game of ball with Gods in a myth about learning from past mistakes. In the Museum: the Professor demonstrates how the Maya used tiles to count and write numbers.

  • Matactin and the Sun

    We hear the love story of Matactin and the Sun, and how the girl became the Moon. In the museum, Professor Hyll talks about the different sources and versions of mythic stories, and an overview of how the Maya culture ended.