Social Stories: Learning for Life

Social Stories: Learning for Life

Learning for life is a social and emotional regulation tool.

All episodes are based on Social Stories, the renowned ASD support tool created by Carol Gray. Each episode focuses on a skill for life, suitable for both home and school education and are suitable for Year 2 (KS1) through to KS3 and GCSEs. All stories are formatted in a lively comic book style with relatable characters. Each story has an accompanying e-book that can be shared after or read at the same time as watching the story.

Social Stories: Learning for Life
  • Learning for Life: Taking a Test

    Tests are a part of learning. They can feel scary and often seem too hard. Is it ok to be worried about taking a test? Is it normal to feel like you just can't do it?

    This follows the successful format of Carol Gray's Social Stories and supports all learners, not just those who are Neurodiverse...

  • Learning for Life: Is Banter OK?

    Banter is complicated. When is it OK to make a joke that might sound mean and why is that different to saying something that can be considered bullying? Banter is a part of growing up but it is important to understand when something is a joke and when it is just plain mean.

    This story follows th...