The World and Me: My Pets

The World and Me: My Pets

5 Episodes

EYFS and Early KS1 series focusing on Understanding of the World. Bertie Fizzington is our Neurodiverse puppet presenter and is on a journey to learn about the world around him.

The World and Me: My Pets allows Bertie and the viewers to develop their knowledge of similarities and differences between the natural world around them and contrasting environments. Bertie uses his experiences of pet ownership to develop understanding of life processes and caring for others. The series secures understanding for EYFS: Understanding of the World ELGs leading to KS1 Scientific Understanding & knowledge of Animal including humans.

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The World and Me: My Pets
  • Pets Episode One

    Episode 1

    Bertie wants to buy a pet and it is his job to look at the needs of each animal and decide which is the best pet for him. With the help of his trusty book he explores the animal world, making observations and developing his knowledge of life processes.

  • Pets Episode Two

    Episode 2

    Book helps Bertie learn about habitats and how they are created to meet the needs of different pets. Bertie compares five different pet homes in order to chose the right environment for Twigson his pet stick insect.

  • Pets Episode Three

    Episode 3

    Book helps Bertie pick the right food for Twigson

  • Pets Episode Four

    Episode 4

    Book helps Bertie learn about which activities and toys best suit different animals.

  • Pets Episode Five

    Episode 5

    Book teaches Bertie about how amazing animals can help people including guide and hearing dogs, Autism support animals and how organisations like Riding for the Disabled use horses to help support disabled people.